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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

Features and choices that make the new Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator a great choice for any kitchen. But did you know, that Samsung offers a full line of Bespoke appliances.

So I order fancy colors, is that innovation?

Samsung is trying to set the custom appliance color world on fire with their new Bespoke line of home appliances. Bespoke is more than just refrigerators with fancy customizable panels. Samsung Bespoke includes ranges in both gas and electric, dishwashers , microwaves plus washer, dries and even vacuum cleaners. Most focus is with Samsung's Bespoke Refrigerators due to the wide array of options. It's a huge undertaking on their part to offer not only custom colors but also features like two different ice and water solutions, counter or standard depth, 3 or 4 door French door units plus a quad door fridge and even "column" refrigerators. If you love "Family Hub, built in tablet, they even have you covered there.

Is is confusing to order?

With so many options I wasn't sure know how they could keep it all straight. However; one visit to Samsung's web sight helped make sense of the options and with a few clicks of their kitchen configurator I built my dream kitchen in minutes. Well, not really. I discovered that while the Bespoke refrigerator 7 glass options and 5 stainless colors the rest of the line (ranges, microwave, dishwasher) are currently available in their 4 colors of stainless or white glass which could limit the color creativity slightly. Want a Family Hub refrigerator and your color options fall to two colors.

The elephant in the room, will it last?

Are Samsung refrigerators reliable? YES and no. The issue in the past that gave Samsung appliances a bad rep seemed to be limited to a couple of issues. Their ice makers on the French door, ice in door didn't work. What I've learned in my short time in sales is that people take ice and water extremely seriously and the slightest inconvenience can ruin the day. Plus, Samsung's Waterwall dishwasher was a Rube Goldburg style device that used a squeegee shaped rubber bar to direct water up towards the dishes. This didn't work and I feel sorry for anyone who has one of these machines. Samsung fixed the ice makers and quietly stopped producing weird dishwashers. Almost all appliances require service and maintenance at some point in their lifespan and Samsung had trouble supplying parts in the past but I personally own some Samsung appliances (washer and dryer) and based on this experience I'd happily put a Samsung Bespoke suite in my home.

Are panel choices a gimmick or a great feature?

I checked with the experts (my YouTube video comments) and end users are enjoying the glass fronts because it's fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. I don't think most people will change colors often but if a panel does get damaged it's easy to fix. I think that's the best feature.

Who is Bespoke right for?

I typically think of the cooking appliance of a range as the feature appliance in the kitchen but this strategy makes scene as there are dozens of different choices in refrigeration vs cooking.

There are a lot of choices. The bottom line is most people will probably order the standard full stainless front knowing they have options and who doesn't love that.

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