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Here is some information about how you and Chef can work together to make a difference

Chef Mark is active in the community and is proud to support the following nonprofits with donations, volunteering and appearances.


Non-profit, No Kill animal Shelter

Scholarships intended to remove the barriers a homeless or student in poverty faces

Fundraising Opportunities

Partnering with the Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom, Chef Mark proudly supports various organizations with a few being Public and Private Schools, Animal Shelters, and Medical research organizations. One of the ways Chef Mark gives back to the community is through the auction of his in-home cooking classes which are valued at $3,500. The donation of Mark’s cooking class have allowed him to raise $3,000-$9,000 to charity during each auction event.


In exchange for the donation of a cooking class, we request the following:

-Live auction item only.

-An invitation for our Local Celebrity Chef to attend the event so he can see firsthand how the auction item is represented.

-The ability to speak at the event and/or have a short video played to show the audience what they are bidding on.  Our Chef has spoken at many events and is easily recognized from local television, radio, and print media. 

-A mention for Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom in the event program.

If you are interested in Chef Mark attending your gala and donating an in-home cooking class at the live auction, you can fill out the information on the Contact page or click the donation request button located down below.

Chef Mark and Firefly Autism
Emily Griffith - Chef Mark
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